Easter So Surprising

1.      He is kindness without ending;
he is rain after long drought;
he is pure light without bending;
he is life that’s been let out.
He is Easter so surprising,
he’s the whistling of the fife;
he is Jesus who is rising;
he’s the bringer of new life.

2.      He is music when we’re singing,
he is freedom when we play;
he walks with us as we’re working;
his breath in us as we pray.
He is conscience when we’re straying;
challenging our idleness;
he forgives us – not delaying –
when we own our sinfulness.

3.      He is present as a dear friend;
deep within our blessedness.
Our companion at our life’s end,
brilliant light in loneliness.
He restores us in our suffering,
brings us to our heavenly rest;
leads us back from all our wandering;
guiding us to where is best.

4.      Make an altar of Christ’s manger;
of Christ’s cross a sanctuary.
In Emmaus, greet the Stranger,
Christ communes here – it is He.
He is Easter so surprising,
he’s the whistling of the fife;
he is Jesus who is rising;
he’s the bringer of new life.

Metre: 8787D. Tune: Nettleton
or Hyfrydol, or Abbots Leigh.

5 comments on “Easter So Surprising

  1. Ted Witham says:

    When I was 15 and 16, I played fife in an Army Cadet band consisting of fifes and drums. Sixteen fifes precisely in time and in tune sounded as though they were held in space by the rhythms of snare- and side-drums and the beat of the bass drum. To be in the midst of making this harmony gave rise to a sense of achievement and joy – so the image of a whistling fife for Easter has a real resonance for me.

  2. Fr. Robert de Caen says:

    Dear Ted, I love hymn : thank you. I’ll pass it on to our Dean of Cathedral, and see what we can do to get our excellent choir to sing it and lead the congregation.
    I hope Ted you and Rae have had an uplifting Easter.
    I cannot remember one I have enjoyed so much. Your ‘Hymn’ ? enhanced it.
    With love and sincere joy, Rob

  3. Fr. Robert de Caen says:

    I am happy, Ted to share my comments. We are amongst fellow Christian enthusiasts. Rob

  4. Rev'd Camellia Flanagan says:

    Thank you Ted for this hymn. Some years ago I was living in Mt Waverley Vic. and Rev’d Elizabeth Smith was our curate. We experienced the joy of singing many of her hymns and publiching her first small hymn books. Some of her hymns are part of the liturgy in many places today. So as inspiration comes do not stop writing. Love makes our gifts useful.

  5. David Chambers says:

    Dear Ted
    Loved your Easter Hymn and comment re fifes in Army Cadets. Will wear my Dad’s medals today as he was in France in 13th light horse 1916/18. It is the first time and I’m 85. I was a pacifist during WW2and was exempted with theological studies. Three years in Army Cadets and one in ATC was my only experience in uniform. Hopefully we continue to learn and mature like good wine. Will use your hymn in May when I’m locuming for four weeks. My theme for Easter3,4,5,&6 is, “Where is Jesus Today ?” David

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