Franciscan Hymns

Ted Witham is the writer of most of the hymns on this page. They praise God in the spirit of Saints Francis and Clare of Assisi. The words of Ted’s hymns may be copied for use in worship, but may not be sold.

Please enjoy these hymns, and let Ted know what you liked about them through the Comments panel after each hymn.

4 comments on “Franciscan Hymns

  1. I appreciate for these wonderful songs but we need the melody too.

    • tedwitham says:

      Thank you, Rosy, Usually the name of the melody is given at the bottom of the song, and you can find them in a standard hymn book. A few go to popular songs. “Gaze on the Lord of love”, the one I posted yesterday goes to the pop song, “The Carnival is Over.” If you want the sheet music/score for a particular song, please let me know and I will email it to you.
      Peace and joy

  2. Santa A. Rodriguez, sfsc says:

    hello Ted,
    I am sr. santa Rodriguez, a franciscan sister in the philippines … i would need beautiful songs for the feast of st. francis…if you could send me 4 of them with lovely melodies and also corresponding score sheets via email please email ad is
    thanks a lot

    • tedwitham says:

      Greetings Sr Santa

      I will email you four of my songs suitable for the Feast of St Francis. Please feel free to use any of them if the are suitable.

      Peace and joy


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