To the Song of Joy

My heart sings for joy to Jesus,

my heart knows who is its Lord;

my heart clings for joy to Jesus,

my soul up to heaven has soared.

Fruitfulness and playfulness are

joy’s companion in the day;

working side by side for God’s realm

lightens up the pilgrim’s way.

My heart hears for joy the story

of his birth and ministry;

My heart knows the greatest glory’s

joining in the mystery.

My heart knows for joy the Passion:

Crucified, now Risen still.

Spirit coming, gifts are given,

joy, love, hope and faith fulfil.

My heart cries for joy in sorrow,

grief and joy are part of love,

waiting for new life tomorrow –

God’s own self poured from above.

My heart aches for joy in sickness,

knowing underneath all’s well,

even when the surface ruffles,

Jesus rescues me from hell.

My heart leaps for joy when pardoned,

knowing that we’re reconciled.

My heart grows with joy in friendship,

everybody is God’s child.

My heart flies for joy with Francis,

my heart floats with joy with Clare,

like the little lamb that prances,

like the clouds upheld in air.

Ted Witham, 1991


Francis dances

Francis dances before Brother Sun