Sent into all the world

“Go out in pairs to find those sick with fear,”
Our Lord commanded those He’d gathered near ,
“Take strength and healing as you go along.
Chase far the promptings of the evil one.

“Carry a light load as you make your way ;
no heavy sack, spare shoes or extra cloak,
but fill your bags with love and healing power,
for every one you meet my Face invoke.”

Thus walking on, they healed and preached God’s love,
turned bad to good, changed fear to mighty heart,
brought peace to folks who cheered the Gospellers on,
and Satan fell from power.  God’s reign can start!

* Inspired by love, our father Francis hears,
then sends his brothers out in pairs to heal.
Their bags are crammed with love and poverty,
Jesus walks with them: earthly ‘Trinities’!

And so we too are sent into the world,
to mend its broken lives and fearful hearts,
our lives are plain, simplicity our call,
God’s generous love will amply be unfurled.

With Jesus near, our journey’s steps are light,
we laugh, make music, caring our delight!
We go with Jesus’ presence and his Bread,
and sing with joy as Jesus’ love is spread.

© Ted Witham 2008
* Omit this verse as appropriate
Metre 10 10 10 10
Tune: e.g. “Woodlands” or “Ellers”