New Eternal Breath

A Hymn for Easter

Christ is risen! He’s been sprung
from the once locked prison of death.
Christ is risen to be sung
With our new eternal breath.  

Christ is ris’n! Women and men;
animals on farm and wild,
Christ is ris’n! Magpie and wren,
voice of life, sing to God’s Child.  

Christ is ris’n! With cosmic power,
the old order overturned,
Christ is ris’n! Aleph and Taw,
For us endless life has earned.  

Christ is ris’n! Noongar* and white
in Christ’s death are reconciled.
Christ is risen! All made right,
God’s life-giving power has smiled.  

  • * or Koori, or black folk 
  • Ted Witham  2018 
  • 7777 (Savannah TiS 219(i), Easter Hymn (with alleluias))  

Cosmic resurrection. Image: Duston Lyon







Love, All Love

The heart of our God is love, all love;
Love fills the Universe with love.
The galaxies sway their loving song;
Each living cell beats out with love.

The heart of Jesus is love, all love;
He raised the lowly, embraced the poor;
He mends the broken and rises from dying,
Lives on to love for evermore.

The heart of Francis is love, all love;
Embraced the leper, clung to the Cross.
He sings in joy, he’s humble in loving;
God All in All, all else is loss.

The heart of living is love, all love;
Love fills our hearts, turns to the Son.
With bread and wine the love inside us,
We take this love to everyone.

Ted Witham 2010
Written for the WA Third Order Convocation 2010
Metre 9898 St Clement TIS 458
O Waly, Waly TIS 536

I’d Like to Rise Up

I’d like, I’d like to rise up,
I’d like to be yeast for you.
I’d like, I’d like to sing joy,
to fill the world with you.

I need your Living Presence,
I need to know you’re near.
I need you to live. I need—
to leave behind my fear.

I need your Present Power,
I need to know you’re strong.
I need you to live. I need —
to give voice to my song.

You choose to freely give your love.
You chose to lift the Christ.
You choose us to live. You choose —
us in praise to rise.

© Ted Witham tssf 2009 Salley Gardens (TIS 674)
or 7676D Ellacombe (TIS 361)


The Resurrection of Jesus