Those Who Wait Upon Our God

Let us sing before our God
to hear each one’s harmony,
Let us make a choir of joy
and like the birds join melody.

Those who wait upon our God
shall rise up like birds in flight,
Those who quiet their hearts in praye
r shall be so filled with delight.

Let us come before our God
meditating in quiet prayer,
Let us keep our minds in peace:
Holy Spirit more aware.

With Saint Francis as our guide
in prayers let’s gaze on our Lord:
With Saint Clare who lifts the bread
faith with courage to record.

Let us turn to each in love
strengthened with God’s living grace,
Binding up the poor and lost,
Bringing love to every place.

Those who wait upon our God
shall rise up like birds in flight,
Those who quiet their hearts in prayer
shall be so filled with delight.

Ted Witham 2014

77.77 Monkland TiS 83

Eagles’ Wings

Where eagles’ wings lift to that place beyond fear
and where God’s still clear calm protects all from harm
and where God walks with all year by longing year;
it’s there that God’s perfect love casts out our fear.

Where eagles’ wings rise to that place beyond hate
and where God’s close embrace is God’s gift of grace
and where in our loved ones God chooses to meet;
it’s there that God’s perfect love casts out our fear.

When eagles’ wings tempt us to cut our love short,
But no! Feed and help grow all those who’re in need;
For all are your sisters, your brothers, we’re taught,
it’s there that God’s perfect love casts out our fear.

So eagles’ wings soar to that place where we view
the endless bright new scan of worlds in God’s plan
whose Maker our Saviour is adored anew;
it’s there that God’s perfect love casts out our fear.

Ted Witham 2014

11 11 11 11 St Denio

wedge tailed eagle

There is a place in Paradise

There is a place in Paradise

There is a place in Paradise
where fragrant love extends,
where lives are lived in right and truth
and God and you are friends.
* Where God and we, where God and we,
where God and we are friends.

There is a place in Paradise
where lives are stressed with doubt;
but even in the darkest time
a glorious hope spreads out.

There is a place in Paradise
Love goes beyond its ends,
fatigue burns out the toiling heart;
still there Christ’s love extends.

There is a place in Paradise
where Jesus is new born,
where Christians start their lives anew
your sinful past is torn.
* Our sinful past, our sinful past,
Our sinful past is torn.

There is a place in Paradise
where Christ still stoops to heal;
where needy folk can be transformed –
their full soul is revealed.
* Our full soul is, our full soul is,
Our full soul is revealed.

There is a place in Paradise
where Jesus meets the Cross;
where earth and heaven reconcile
and no good life is lost.

There is a place in Paradise
the Risen life shines bright,
past and future and the Now
set Universe alight.

There is a place in Paradise;
the sum of moments all
where each one lives in endless joy
and with all Christians call.
* Alleluia, alleluia,
we with all Christians call.

Ted Witham 2013

Metre 8686D or CMD (or 8686 or CM)
Brother James’s Air (Hymns  of Glory Songs of Praise 16.) The lines marked * are to fit the extended fourth line in Brother James’s Air.
Watson (HGSP 71)
Kingsfold (HGSP 291 or TiS 585)

Christ in Glory (courtesy Wikipedia Commons). 17th Century – from the Ethiopian Gospels (held in the British Library)

Saint Elizabeth of Hungary

We praise you, God, for your great saint
Elizabeth of Hungary:
the queen who gave her throne away
to learn to live in poverty.

Like your dear Son, she chose to not
take her great wealth as her just due:
with love, she emptied out her claim
and humbly meek, she followed you.

To serve her friends became her life,
she built a hospice for the poor;
she helped the sick, and left the court
to study God for evermore.

Franciscan friars taught her that
to love God is the highest call.
Not only did she serve her peers,
but now her life inspires us all.

Franciscan sisters in the West
honoured her name in Bunbury;
they helped new settlers make a life
in their hardship and poverty.*

Teach us, dear God, deep gratitude
for all the wealth you’ve given us.
Teach us to take the narrow way
that leads us to be generous.

Let us like saint Elizabeth
make serving God our highest aim.
We give ourselves for others’ need
to magnify Christ Jesus’ Name.


* The Anglican Sisters of St Elizabeth of Hungary (OSEH) served in south-west Australia in the 20th Century. They earned the nickname “The Little Grey Sparrows“.

Metre: 88 88 “Morning Hymn” TiS 557, TH 11

Saint Elizabeth of Hungary – The Miracle of the Roses by Gustave Moreau

Hidden God

Lord, we do adore you; deep in love we’re falling.
You in bread, in wine, are hiding, heat as in the flame.
Lord, you feed us wholly, for our hearts you’re calling;
But, Lord, we’re nothing, nothing can we claim.

Taste and touch are failing; seeing is deceiving,
Only in the sense of hearing do we know it’s you.
I believe our God’s Word, memory retrieving
Truth from the Scriptures, Jesus tells it true.

On the cross you’re hiding, God as human here,
You are God and human, and both death and life exist.
I believe, and trusting that my faith is clear;
I pray the prayer of the terrorist*.

Thomas touched your woundings; those I cannot warrant.
My faith depends on trusting in the here and now.
Help me then to know you with a heart transparent,
Seek hope: I love you more in every hour.

Bread ignites our memory of our Maker dying.
Bread and wine are living, and burn with His life afire.
Help me journey forward on our God relying
And find the sweetness people all desire.


*The two bandits crucified with Jesus were probably armed rebels, in today’s word, terrorists.

Paraphrase of Thomas Aquinas Adoro Te Devoto.
Metre: Tune: Nicæa TiS 132


For Profession (as a member of the Third Order)

Before you, great High Priest, I stand
to make my true Profession.
I place my all in your strong hand;
my life as intercession.

You call me, Jesus, to your Way,
to walk with dedication.
You are my guidance and my stay
in every situation.

You teach me, Master, how to live
with joy in generous giving;
to help the needy and to give
our love and be forgiving.

We praise you that wise Francis now
may be our holy teacher.
His teachings and his actions show
a better way to meet you.

Now here we stand with honest heart
and mind to love you dearly.
Now bless the offering on our part
and live with me more nearly.

Ted Witham 2011

Metre: 87 87 Iambic

Dominus Regit Me TiS 145

St Columba TiS 523

Companions in Christ: St Francis and St Antony of Padua

The we and our in the final verse can be replaced by I and me if there is only one to be Professed.

The beauty of Saint Clare of Assisi

Gifted with the true Light,
beauty is Clare’s life:
duty and delight to
mirror all God’s love.

Beauty in her dear soul —
deep serenity;
Poverty of life told
riches of God’s love.

Beauty with her Sisters,
Clare’s compassion,
passion to insist a
path for all to love.

Beauty in our planet,
Clare loved living things.
Sings so strongly. Fan it!
Worship God with love.

Beauty in her praying,
Clare holds up the Host,
Boasts in all of staying
with Him who died Love.

Following Saint Francis,
Clare marks out a way:
Pay your love to Jesus —
God surrounds with love.

Metre: 6565D Camberwell, “Puff the Magic Dragon”

Or 6565 Caswall

Ted Witham, The Feast of St Clare 2011

St Clare and her sisters

Love, All Love

The heart of our God is love, all love;
Love fills the Universe with love.
The galaxies sway their loving song;
Each living cell beats out with love.

The heart of Jesus is love, all love;
He raised the lowly, embraced the poor;
He mends the broken and rises from dying,
Lives on to love for evermore.

The heart of Francis is love, all love;
Embraced the leper, clung to the Cross.
He sings in joy, he’s humble in loving;
God All in All, all else is loss.

The heart of living is love, all love;
Love fills our hearts, turns to the Son.
With bread and wine the love inside us,
We take this love to everyone.

Ted Witham 2010
Written for the WA Third Order Convocation 2010
Metre 9898 St Clement TIS 458
O Waly, Waly TIS 536

For This Amazing Day

For this amazing day,
we give you thanks, Most High,
for leaping green of trees,
and gazing blue of sky.
Love without end,
gift of our Friend,
Creator’s Son,
our Jesus Christ.

The love of dearest friends,
steadfast through every storm.
The stranger’s help in need,
all human care to warm.
Love every where,
gift that you share,
we give you thanks,
friend Jesus Christ.

*My wife’s sweet morning kiss,
her love my life inspires,
the way you join all this
to spiritual desires.
For her embrace,
sheer gift of grace,
I bless your love,
dear Jesus Christ.

Your Scriptures send us out
to serve all folk in need.
They draw us close to you,
and challenge to proceed.
For words of joy,
love to deploy,
peace to unfold,
Word, Jesus Christ.

Exalting power of faith,
its loving kindness shows.
It guides us all to walk
the way God loves and knows.
For faith’s true role’s
to lift the soul
in praise for love
to Jesus Christ.

Metre 6666.4444 “Darwall” TIS 108
©Ted Witham 2008
(thanks to e.e. cummings who inspired the first verse imagery)

Or “My husband’s morning kiss.” or omit this verse as appropriate.


Meelup Beach in Western Australia