Hymn for Jack Winslow – writer of the Third Order Rule: Feast Day 29 May

You teach us not to live for self
but to reach out to all;
Open our eyes to dawn’s bright rays
Community our call.

You gave Jack Winslow the insight
that makes fraternity:
And through our eyes see dawn’s bright rays
On our community.

With eloquence and phrases wise
Jack Winslow’s pen did write:
So may our eyes bask in dawn’s rays –
Community’s delight .

Today we come to praise our God;
Our Rule inscribes our heart:
With dawn we realise joy’s rays
Community impart.

  • Ted Witham tssf 2021

Metre: 8686 St Botolph TiS 223
                        Lucius TiS 442(ii)
                         Crimond TiS 10

Jack Winslow loved Job 3:9 so much that he used the image for the title of his ‘memories, reflections and hopes’, The Eyelids of the Dawn (Hodder & Stoughton, 1954)  
Let the stars of its twilight be dark, Let it wait for light, and there is none, And let it not look on the eyelids of the dawn.
Job 3:9 (Young’s Literal Translation)

Eagles’ Wings

Where eagles’ wings lift to that place beyond fear
and where God’s still clear calm protects all from harm
and where God walks with all year by longing year;
it’s there that God’s perfect love casts out our fear.

Where eagles’ wings rise to that place beyond hate
and where God’s close embrace is God’s gift of grace
and where in our loved ones God chooses to meet;
it’s there that God’s perfect love casts out our fear.

When eagles’ wings tempt us to cut our love short,
But no! Feed and help grow all those who’re in need;
For all are your sisters, your brothers, we’re taught,
it’s there that God’s perfect love casts out our fear.

So eagles’ wings soar to that place where we view
the endless bright new scan of worlds in God’s plan
whose Maker our Saviour is adored anew;
it’s there that God’s perfect love casts out our fear.

Ted Witham 2014

11 11 11 11 St Denio

wedge tailed eagle

Francis: A Patch on a Hurting World

There’s a patch on our Saint Francis. It’s the gift of being kind;
it’s the love that our dear Jesus has now brought to humankind.
It’s the patch that comes in cross-stitch; it’s the gift of Calvary.
It’s the love that knows no limits and we sew it to be free.

There’s a patch on Brother Francis, longing deep to right all wrongs;
it’s the gift of seeing clearly hate, greed, all that dupes the throngs.
It’s the patch we sew in anger and the colours start out red,
and the justice that we fight for beautifies the living thread.

We now bring our patches to you to make up a heart-joined quilt;
and with brother Francis helping soon a fellowship we’ve built.
We are learning to do justice, and walk humbly by your side,
so we’ll build your heaven’s Kingdom; linked to Jesus as our guide.

Ted Witham tssf 2006

Tune: There’s a Light Upon the Mountains (

Blanwearn or other 8787D tunes.


Altar patches

Patches for a hurting world