Grace [Jingle Bells Version]

Grace (“Jingle Bells” Version)

God, yòu give living things
to eàt, and give us life,
give wìsdom as we sing
fìtting respect to bring.

On lìving things we feed,
they gìve themselves for all.
As they fulfil our needs
make gìving back our call.

Thank you, God! Thank you, God!
Food brings us new life!
Taste and eat! Appreciate
the life shared with us now. Hey! (Repeat):

In lìfe we feed on you
your Brèad and Wine our stay;
as yòu reveal your Way,
you màke us always new.

‘Eat whàt’s set before you,’
Sàint Francis did advise;
Nurturing God, for you
our thanks and praise arise.


–          Ted Witham tssf, September 2013

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