For Profession (as a member of the Third Order)

Before you, great High Priest, I stand
to make my true Profession.
I place my all in your strong hand;
my life as intercession.

You call me, Jesus, to your Way,
to walk with dedication.
You are my guidance and my stay
in every situation.

You teach me, Master, how to live
with joy in generous giving;
to help the needy and to give
our love and be forgiving.

We praise you that wise Francis now
may be our holy teacher.
His teachings and his actions show
a better way to meet you.

Now here we stand with honest heart
and mind to love you dearly.
Now bless the offering on our part
and live with me more nearly.

Ted Witham 2011

Metre: 87 87 Iambic

Dominus Regit Me TiS 145

St Columba TiS 523

Companions in Christ: St Francis and St Antony of Padua

The we and our in the final verse can be replaced by I and me if there is only one to be Professed.

3 comments on “Profession

  1. Kenneth Kieck says:

    I am being professed at my February fraternity meeting and would like to use the hymn Professed at the service. What melody or tune would be appropriate for this hymn?

    • tedwitham says:

      Congratulations on your profession, Kenneth. May you continue to find joy and challenge in your Franciscan journey. Thank you for choosing my hymn Professed for the occasion. There are two reasonably well-known tunes that fit the words: “Dominus Regit Me” and “St Columba”. “The King of Love My Shepherd Is” is usually sung to both tunes. If you know neither of those tunes, search for the metre 87 87 Iambic for others that will fit.
      Peace and joy

    • tedwitham says:

      By the way, in what part of the world are you? (Just out of curiosity!)

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