Love, All Love

The heart of our God is love, all love;
Love fills the Universe with love.
The galaxies sway their loving song;
Each living cell beats out with love.

The heart of Jesus is love, all love;
He raised the lowly, embraced the poor;
He mends the broken and rises from dying,
Lives on to love for evermore.

The heart of Francis is love, all love;
Embraced the leper, clung to the Cross.
He sings in joy, he’s humble in loving;
God All in All, all else is loss.

The heart of living is love, all love;
Love fills our hearts, turns to the Son.
With bread and wine the love inside us,
We take this love to everyone.

Ted Witham 2010
Written for the WA Third Order Convocation 2010
Metre 9898 St Clement TIS 458
O Waly, Waly TIS 536

11 comments on “Love, All Love

  1. Jan McIntyre says:

    What is beautiful Ted. I will certainly treasure it and use it.
    Peace and good

  2. john dendy says:

    Dear Ted,

    Very meaning full words, and as I am no singer reading them is thought provoking.

    John Dendy

  3. Fr. Robert de Caen says:

    Thanks, Ted. The emphasis on Love is so true :it reflects the experience of those who truly Love God, really do.
    I meet so many skeptics who haven’t started living, even though they feel they are so clever.
    So thank you for intertwining that theme of Love with our unity with Jesus, the one who unites all denominations, even all faiths. Bless you brother Ted. Robert

  4. Rosemary Bradford says:

    Thank you Ted.

    Hope all is well with you. We can use this for our Francis retreat and here at All Saints. I like it and it does have a singable metre which is helpful!

  5. Elaine Jeston says:

    Thanks Ted, have just come from a Eucharist it has just re enforced my feelings from the service. We will use it at our service at Francistide.

  6. Patti Singleton says:

    Dear Ted,
    We humbly say “Thank you” for your “Love, All Love” which we are sharing around those who could do with this “tangible Love” and hopefully personally “show” it too.
    Praying for His ongoing Healing Grace for you and love to you and Rae.
    Patti & David

  7. cathy MATHEWS says:

    I truly felt the love of God as I read those words Ted.
    Thank you

  8. margaret barkley says:

    The heart of God is love all love.The heart of life as a Fransciscan is love God’s love through his Son our Lord Jesus Christ. Thanks Fr. Ted for reminding us through this hymn, that Faith and life is love. Margaret

  9. Hi Ted,

    Thanks a stack for sharing this, very very moving & touching. Hope that all is well with you & Rae.

    Br Simeon/ Rob Suttie

  10. Helene Young says:

    Thank you I have put it in the TAU, what tune is it too? I love the words & the glaxies.

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