For This Amazing Day

For this amazing day,
we give you thanks, Most High,
for leaping green of trees,
and gazing blue of sky.
Love without end,
gift of our Friend,
Creator’s Son,
our Jesus Christ.

The love of dearest friends,
steadfast through every storm.
The stranger’s help in need,
all human care to warm.
Love every where,
gift that you share,
we give you thanks,
friend Jesus Christ.

*My wife’s sweet morning kiss,
her love my life inspires,
the way you join all this
to spiritual desires.
For her embrace,
sheer gift of grace,
I bless your love,
dear Jesus Christ.

Your Scriptures send us out
to serve all folk in need.
They draw us close to you,
and challenge to proceed.
For words of joy,
love to deploy,
peace to unfold,
Word, Jesus Christ.

Exalting power of faith,
its loving kindness shows.
It guides us all to walk
the way God loves and knows.
For faith’s true role’s
to lift the soul
in praise for love
to Jesus Christ.

Metre 6666.4444 “Darwall” TIS 108
©Ted Witham 2008
(thanks to e.e. cummings who inspired the first verse imagery)

Or “My husband’s morning kiss.” or omit this verse as appropriate.


Meelup Beach in Western Australia

2 comments on “For This Amazing Day

  1. Brigid Coult says:

    love the ee Cummings reference! may we have copyright permission to use this one Sunday this summer?

    • tedwitham says:

      Dear Brigid

      Please do use it! I’ve put somewhere on the web-site that permission is granted to use all the hymns for worship (with the proviso that you acknowledge me as the writer). I’d prefer it if you didn’t make money out of it!

      I hope your congregation enjoys singing it.



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