Francis: A Patch on a Hurting World

There’s a patch on our Saint Francis. It’s the gift of being kind;
it’s the love that our dear Jesus has now brought to humankind.
It’s the patch that comes in cross-stitch; it’s the gift of Calvary.
It’s the love that knows no limits and we sew it to be free.

There’s a patch on Brother Francis, longing deep to right all wrongs;
it’s the gift of seeing clearly hate, greed, all that dupes the throngs.
It’s the patch we sew in anger and the colours start out red,
and the justice that we fight for beautifies the living thread.

We now bring our patches to you to make up a heart-joined quilt;
and with brother Francis helping soon a fellowship we’ve built.
We are learning to do justice, and walk humbly by your side,
so we’ll build your heaven’s Kingdom; linked to Jesus as our guide.

Ted Witham tssf 2006

Tune: There’s a Light Upon the Mountains (

Blanwearn or other 8787D tunes.


Altar patches

Patches for a hurting world

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